Our Story

Top-quality polarized sunglasses in Scandinavian design.

Beatnik has been tailored to the needs of modern customers that want to embark on adventures while maintaining a sense of style. As avid travelers ourselves, we are committed to design top-quality sunglasses that can provide us with the protection we need, whether it is for hiking in the mountains or sailing in the Caribbean, without compromising on style.

The lenses have to be both polarized and scratch resistant to tackle both extreme weather and just tumbling around in our pockets. Then of course the frames have to be elastic enough for bending into the unique shapes of our faces. We also keep costs at a minimum without compromising on quality so that our users are not too afraid of bringing their Beatnik sunglasses on adventures. Most importantly though, we have spent hundreds of hours developing designs that will make you look just great.

Beatnik was born - sunglasses for the contemporary vagabond.

Our vision is to provide top-quality polarized sunglasses in Scandinavian design, without overcharging our customers. Beatnik sunglasses have a timeless design and offer the premium protection your eyes need to fully indulge in your adventures, wherever they may take you. We share stories from contemporary vagabonds all across the world in the hope of inspiring you and many others to really travel – not just go on vacation. Follow us to be inspired by stories from our very own community wearing Beatnik in the most remote corners of the world.

What does Beatnik mean?

The Beat generation, or Beatniks, were an anti-conformist social and literary movement in the 50’s and 60’s. Immortalised in Jack Kerouac´s ‘On the Road’, the movement came to symbolise a revolt against the social rules of post-war America. The Beatnik was perhaps the first youth rebel, and is associated with travel and a hedonistic lifestyle. Dark sunglasses were among the characteristics of the Beatnik style, and have inspired our own line of sunglasses.